Parish Vestry

The Rev'd Dr Philip Sallis
Vicar's/PiC Warden
John Gaffikin-Cowan (Lay Minister)
People's Warden Glenda Leef
Secretary Barbara O'Reilly
Treasurer Jim Sharp
Members Vivianne Flintoff (Synods-person)
John Gaffikin-Cowan (Synods-person)

Father Philip Sallis
In lay and then ordained ministry since 1976, Father Philip has served in England, Australia and New Zealand. Locating to Auckland from the Diocese of Dunedin in 1999, he served first at Holy Trinity Cathedral then at St Alban's Balmoral, where he was Priest-in-Charge. He was inducted as Priest-in-Charge for Coromandel on Advent Sunday 2014, when he and his wife Dr Kathy Garden settled permanently in Coromandel, having previously had a holiday home in the town.
A lifetime Anglican, Father Philip is in the Anglo-Catholic tradition of our church with its focus on sacramental worship and contemplative prayer.  He is a Benedictine Oblate and an
Associate of the Order of the Holy Cross ( Currently he is Minister Provincial for the Associates in Oceana.  Father Philip is also the Priest Guardian in NZ for the Confraternity of the Blesséd Sacrament.  This is the oldest religious society in the Anglican Communion and focuses on the Eucharist and the Real Presence of Christ for spiritual nourishment and lively sustenance.
In the wider community, Fr Philip is Area Chaplain for St John in Coromandel, offering pastoral care to the ambulance and paramedic personnel on the Upper Peninsula.  He is also Chair of the St John Coromandel Area Committee, providing management support for the operations staff.
In his secular life, Fr Philip has had an academic career in mathematics and computer science. After working abroad for 12 years, in 1987 he returned to New Zealand to take up the Foundation Chair in Information Science at The University of Otago. In 1999 he was appointed Deputy Vice Chancellor at Auckland University of Technology where moving into retirement from academic life, he now continues his research work as Professor in GeoComputation.

John Gaffikin-Cown AHC LLM

John is the Vicar's Warden responsible for care of the Priest-in-Charge.
A Licensed Lay Minister for Christ Church Coromandel, John has a background in film, media and television. Originally from Northern Ireland, John has travelled extensively and worked for some years in Iceland. Now a long time resident of Coromandel, John is the Sacristan and Principal Liturgist for Christ Church.
John also serves as the Chaplain for the Coromandel RSA, which has its Headquarters in the Town. In the wider community, John works with the Coromandel Independent Living Trust and the Budget Advisory Service. He also participates in several committees for social clubs and organisations in the Town.

John is a Member of the Parish Vestry and a Synods-person and is also a Benedictine Oblate and Associate of the Order of the Holy Cross.

Rodney Denham LLM

A Licensed Lay Minister for more than 25 years, Rodney is a retired Government Diplomat, having served among other places in Peru and The Solomon Islands . He preaches regularly and leads Services of the Word at Christ Church and St Andrew's United Church (Presbyterian-Methodist) in Coromandel Town. He also preaches regularly for the Roman Catholic Congregation at St Colman's Church in Coromandel.

In the wider community, Rodney Chairs the Charitable Trust that runs a second-hand clothing and goods outlet shop called
The Bizarre (originally established by members of the Christ Church parish) and is a member of the Coromandel Rescue Helicopter Trust. He also runs his own consultancy business offering training and publication services in Coromandel and elsewhere. In this work, Rodney also produces our weekly service sheets and other material for special occasions.

Dr Kathy Garden

Married to Father Philip, Kathy provides support for his ministry and various practical kinds of input for the parish. Her background is as an electrical engineer and senior university academic. Her specialist work has been in medical device engineering, particularly computer tomography where she spent time at the Mayo Clinic in the USA working with early MRI Scan technology. She has also worked for both central and local government as ministerial policy advisor and strategic planning executive. Kathy operates her consultancy practice from Coromandel, where she is also a Volunteer Ambulance Officer, qualified as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with a National Diploma in Ambulance Practice. At Christ Church, Kathy is an Altar Server and Crucifer for our services.